Dr. Gülşah Başkavak

Tel: +90 212 293 60 67 / 116
Mail: baskavak@oiist.org

Dr. Gülşah Başkavak has been employed at the Orient-Institut İstanbul since February 2019 as a researcher at the Humans, Medicine and Society research area. She is currently working on issues relating to eHealth, digitalization and medical technology. She received her PhD degree in Sociology at the Middle East Technical University (METU) in 2016 with her dissertation on Understanding Surgical Craft in the Changing Context of Technology, Transformation of Healthcare and Marketization: A Case Study on Surgeons in Istanbul, Turkey. As part of her dissertation research, she conducted qualitative and ethnographic research in hospitals, clinics and operating theater. Her fields of interest include medicine-technology relationship, technological transformation and work, science and technology studies (STS), crafts and craftsmanship, medical sociology and, occupations and professions. Dr. Başkavak completed her undergraduate education at the Faculty of Economics of the Istanbul University, and received a MA degree from Marmara University with her thesis on The Impact of Information and Communication Technologies on Power Distribution in Organizations. She worked as research assistant at METU and Yıldız Technical University and took part in various national and international research projects on sociology of health, criminology and sociology of religion. During her graduate studies, she spent a year at the Social Sciences Faculty of the Humboldt University in Berlin. Dr. Başkavak’s post-doctorate research focuses on topics including medical sociology, new surgical technologies and the patients, digital health, professionalism in medicine and the relationship between crafts and professions.

Sociology of Health and Medicine

Science and Technology Studies (Medical and surgical technologies; work, medicine and technology relationship)

Crafts and Craftsmanship

Sociology of Work and Employment

Occupations and Professions (in particular, medical professions and surgical profession)

Health Policy

Qualitative Research Methods

30.8.2017: “Marketization and Technological Change: Turkish Surgeons in A Changing Context”. 13th European Sociological Association (ESA) Conference on (Un)Making Europe: Capitalism, Solidarities, Subjectivities. Athens, Greece.

5.4.2017: “Cerrahlık Zanaatı, Teknoloji ve Piyasalaşma: İstanbul’da Cerrah Tipolojisi” [“Surgical Craft, Technology and Marketization: Typology of Surgeons in Turkey]. VI. Hasan Ünal Nalbantoğlu Sempozyumu: Teknolojiye Dair Sorular. Middle East Technical University (METU), Ankara, Turkey. (with S. Kalaycıoğlu)

20.5.2016: “Surgeons and Marketization of Health: The Case of Turkey”. 13th European Sociological Association (ESA) Mid-Term Conference of the Research Network on Sociology of Health & Illness (RN16) on New directions in health care work and organizations. Lisbon, Portugal.

20.5.2016: “A Social Scientist in the Operating Theatre”. 13th European Sociological Association (ESA) Mid-Term Conference of the Research Network on Sociology of Health & Illness (RN16) on New directions in health care work and organizations. Lisbon, Portugal.

21.4.2016: “Cerrahlık, Zanaat ve Teknoloji: Sosyolojik Bir Bakış” [Surgery, Craft and Technology: A Sociological View]. Educational Meetings 16. Department of Medical Education and Informatics. Medical School, Hacettepe University, Ankara. (invited talk)


23.11.2015: “Zanaat Olarak Cerrahlık ve Teknoloji” [Surgery as Craft and Technology]. 14th National Social Sciences Conference [TSBD]. Middle East Technical University (METU), Ankara, Turkey.

3.4.2013: “International Diffusion of Neoliberalism and Resistance: The Transformation of Healthcare System in Turkey”. 54th International Studies Association (ISA) Annual Convention on The Politics of International Diffusion: Regional and Global Dimensions. San Francisco, California, USA. (with Y. Başkavak)

Book Chapters

Başkavak, Gülşah. “Zanaattan Robotiğe: Tıp Teknolojisi ve Türkiye’de Kuşaklararası Cerrah Tipolojisi” [From Craftsmanship to Robotics: Medical Technologies and a Generational Typology of Surgeons in Turkey]. Sınıfın Suretleri: Emek Süreçleri ve Karşı Hareketler [Representations of Class: Labor Processes and Counter Movements]. Ed. Denizcan Kutlu and Çağrı Kaderoğlu Bulut. NotaBene. Istanbul 2017. 105–126 (ISBN: 6059679954)

Doğrusoy-Başkavak, Gülşah. “Bilişim Teknolojileri: Getirdikleri ve Götürdükleri” [Information Technologies: Pros and Cons]. Çalışma Yaşamında Dönüşümler: Örgütsel Bakış [Transformations in Working Life: Organizational Perspective]. Ed. Aşkın Keser. Ezgi Publishing. Bursa 2002 (Reprinted by Nobel Publishing in 2005). 197–210 (ISBN : 9789755918013)