Dr. Esther Voswinckel Filiz

Tel: +90 212 293 60 67 / 131
Mail: voswinckel@oiist.org

Esther Voswinckel Filiz studied Cultural Anthropology and religious studies in Bologna and Tübingen, with a focus on the anthropology of religion in the Mediterranean. For her doctoral thesis entitled “Aziz Mahmud Hüdayi in Istanbul. Biography of a Place” at the Centre for Religious Studies (CERES) of Ruhr-Universität Bochum, submitted in June 2020, she conducted field research in Üsküdar for several years. Her research focuses on the material culture of Sufism in Istanbul, on the historical and contemporary aesthetics of saint’s tombs (türbe) and on portable and textile paraphernalia therein.

Since June 2020 she has been a researcher at Orient-Institut Istanbul responsible for the research field “Religious History of Anatolia”.

Anthropology of religion in the Mediterranean

Religious architecture

History of religion in Istanbul after 1925

Sufi garments and Ottoman turban literature (tâcname)

object biographies

DOKU/Threads of Tradition” (working title): textile devotionalia and their vitality in Istanbul’s religious urban fabric


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Other publications

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30.05.2022 (with Salih Demirtaş): Chair of the workshop Experience of a City: Multisensorial Approaches to Past and Present. Orient-Institut Istanbul, online. 

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04.05.2019: “Holy places of Sufism in Istanbul: the saint’s tomb as a threshold.” Seminar Holiness. Threshold of the “proximity” of the divine to the human and of the human to the divine. Dost-I (Domenican Study Istanbul (1.-5. Mai 2019).

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