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All e-books can be accessed via OPAC. Alternatively, access is possible via the respective providers ciando and ProQuest. The e-books can be downloaded from the network of the institute to your own computer; they can be borrowed for 5 to 14 days (depending on the license) and read outside the Institute. It is not possible to store the data on a USB stick. To borrow an e-book on your own computer or e-book reader, you must be registered with Adobe.

Via a license by the Specialized Information Service Middle East-, North Africa- and Islamic Studies at Halle University Library, readers can also access the Islamic Studies e-Book Collection by the provider Al-Manhal within the network of the institute. This collection comprises at the moment 2035 titles, mainly in Arabic.

The national licenses provide access to selected E-book packages of the Nomos eLibrary within the network of the institute.

During staff hours you will always find library staff happy to help with any queries you may have.


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