januar 2022

20jan(jan 20)16:3022(jan 22)15:00Fılmforum Istanbul: Iran at the CrosswaysDokumentatıonen und Dıaloge über eıne Gesellschaft ım Wandel / Dönüşen Bir Toplum Üzerine Belgeseller ve Diyaloglar

19jan19:00Dr. Roxana ComanSubjects and agents of Orientalism in 19th century Romania: Carol Popp de Szathmary and Theodor Aman

12jan19:00Dr. Anastasios B. NikopoulosReevaluating the Institutional Autonomy of 14th Century Mount Athos under the Ottomans: The “Confiscation Issue” with Regard to Athonian Landholdings in Postbyzantine Macedonia

Dezember 2021

15dez19:00Language Policy in Turkey: Recent Perspectives
Prof. Dr. Jens Peter Laut, Dr. Ruth Bartholomä
The Turkish Language Reform and Beyond: A Never-Ending Story?

08dez19:00Dr. Daniel BauerDie Geschichte deutscher Institutionen in Istanbul während der Zeit des Nationalsozialismus

01dez19:00Language Policy in Turkey: Recent Perspectives
Max Scherberger
Sadri Maksudi Arsal and His Ideas about the Turkish Language

November 2021

17nov19:00Language Policy in Turkey: Recent Perspectives
Dr. Nevra Lischewski
Multilingualism and Language Planning in the Period of the Late Ottoman Empire and the Early Turkish Republic

12nov(nov 12)18:3013(nov 13)23:00Film Forum: Iran at the crosswaysDokumentationen und Dialoge über eine Gesellschaft im Wandel

03nov19:00Language Policy in Turkey: Recent Perspectives
Dr. Zaur Gasimov
Forgotten Intermediaries? Turkish Language Reform’s Polish, Hungarian and Russian Traces

Oktober 2021

27okt19:00Dr. phil. Suna SunerStudies on Culture and Diplomacy – Projects at Don Juan Archiv Wien: OTTOMANIA, DIPLOMATICA, BRASILIENSIA

20okt19:00Fabrics of Devotion: Religious Textiles in the Eastern Mediterranean
Dr. Esther Juhasz
The Jewish Prayer Shawl Tallit  

13okt19:00Fabrics of Devotion: Religious Textiles in the Eastern Mediterranean
Dr. Nikolaos Vryzidis
Reflections of Identity on Silk: Towards a Re-Reading of the “Islamic” and the “Secular” in Greek Orthodox Church Fabrics

September 2021

29sep18:00Fabrics of Devotion: Religious Textiles in the Eastern Mediterranean
Prof. Dr. Hülya Tezcan
Topkapı Sarayı'ndaki din konulu tekstillere genel bir bakış

August 2021

07aug(aug 7)00:0009(aug 9)00:00The Re-invention of Traditions in the Middle East

Juni 2021

24Juni20:0022:00Digital Humanities in Ottoman and Turkish Studies: Initiatives, Projects, and Online Resources

17Juni(Juni 17)14:0020(Juni 20)20:00The Materialities of Everyday Religiosity: Historical and Contemporary Dynamics in Turkey and Iran

16Juni19:00Dr. Sepideh ParsapajouhLiving the Love of the Imams in Twelver Shi’a Islam in Iran. Objects and Materials as a Vehicle for Devotion

09Juni20:0021:00Life Narratives and Gender: Voices of Women in the Near East and Eastern Mediterranean
Julia Phillips Cohen
In Search of Late Ottoman Sephardi Women’s Lives

02Juni20:0021:00Life Narratives and Gender: Voices of Women in the Near East and Eastern Mediterranean
Nova Robinson
Recording Feminist History: Anbara Salam Khalidi’s Memoir

Mai 2021

28mai(mai 28)13:3029(mai 29)12:30Music and Mirrored HybriditiesCultural Communities Converging in French, German, and Turkish Stage Productions (17th–20th Century)

26mai20:0021:00Life Narratives and Gender: Voices of Women in the Near East and Eastern Mediterranean
Efthymia Kanner
Self-narratives, gendered middle class subjectivities and feminism(s) in the “Orient” from the last quarter of the 19th century to the Interwar Period

05mai20:0021:00Life Narratives and Gender: Voices of Women in the Near East and Eastern Mediterranean
Paulina Dominik
Echo of the Journey and Adventures of My Life: Salomea Pilsztynowa – the Peripatetic Polish Ophthalmologist in the 18th Century Ottoman Empire – and Her Unusual Memoir (1760)

April 2021

28apr20:0021:00Life Narratives and Gender: Voices of Women in the Near East and Eastern Mediterranean
Leigh Gilmore
Autobiographics: Gender, Life Narrative, and Self-Representation

Februar 2021

17feb19:0013:27Dr. Mehmet Uğur Ekinci

04feb14:0016:30CMO Online PanelReconstructing the Ottoman Music Corpus: Interpretational Issues of Hampartsum Sources

januar 2021

27jan19:00Dr. Onur ÖnerReconsidering Mevlevi Photographs Beyond the Established Clichés

13jan19:00Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kyriakos Kalaitzidis"Giving breath to the silent signs“ – Revival of Middle Eastern Secular Music from Post-Byzantine Music Manuscripts

Dezember 2020

09dez(dez 9)14:0010(dez 10)17:30Mapping Gender in the Near EastWhat’s New and What’s Ahead in Ottoman and Turkish Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

02dez18:00Prof. Christiane GruberWishing Trees and Whirling Rocks: Eco-Material Rituals at the Alevi Shrine of Abdal Musa

November 2020

18nov19:00Jaimee Comstock-SkippKhanly in word, sultanic in image: exchanges between 16th-century Transoxiana and Anatolia evidenced in the Shībānī-nāma of Muhammad Sālih

04nov15:00Dr. Gülşah TorunoğluDiverging Genealogies and Conflicting Trajectories of Feminism in Egypt and Turkey from the Late Ottoman Empire into the 1930s

Oktober 2020

14okt19:00Harun Korkmaz: Güfte Mecmualarının Osmanlı Tarihyazımına KatkısıOnline Seminer Dizisi

September 2020

24sep17:0019:30The Ingredients of Aşure

04sep15:00Sonic Rituals: Ottoman, Habsburg & Burgundian Festivities (15th – 17th Centuries) From an Intermedial PerspectiveOnline Workshop

Mai 2020

20mai15:00Dr. Ivo FurmanWeathering the Data Deluge: Challenges and Opportunities of Computational Social Science Methods

März 2020

11März19:0021:00Gábor FodorHungarian Memoirs from the Ottoman Empire, 1848-1918

04März19:00Dr. Emine Önculer YayalarNetworks of Expertise in Turkey: Politics of Autism

Februar 2020

26feb19:00Pınar DemircanNükleer Enerji ve Toplumsal Sağlık

12feb19:00Prof. Dr. Armin Grunwald and Prof. Dr. Erkan ErdilHuman, Medicine and Society

10feb19:00Dr. Joseph M. AlparBetween Tradition and Transformation: Shabbat Musical Practice in the Jewish Community of Istanbul

05feb19:00Doç. Dr. Fatih Artvinli and Doç. Dr. Elif Vatanoğlu LutzSanat Uzun, Hayat Kısa: Tıp, Delilik ve Sanat

januar 2020

29jan19:00Oturum: Doktor ↔ Hasta ↔ Teknoloji: Fenomenolojik ve Sosyolojik YaklaşımlarOturum: Doktor ↔ Hasta ↔ Teknoloji: Fenomenolojik ve Sosyolojik Yaklaşımlar

22jan19:00Bodiless Heads II: bodies, borders, flux and fluiditylecture/performance/encounter

20jan19:00Asst. Prof. Dr. Azam NaghaviSelf-efficacy and help-seeking behaviour among women with the experience of Intimate partner violence

15jan19:00Prof. Dr. Christoph HerzogMashrutiyyat and Modernity. A Historiographical Predicament

08jan19:00Panel: Ancient DNA and our Future: Techno-Scientific and Ethical ReflectionsAncient DNA - Opportunities for Science and Technology Studies: Translating Responsible Personalized Medicine

Dezember 2019

18dez19:0021:00Prof. Dr. Oliver BendelService Robots in Healthcare

11dez19:0021:00Assoc. Prof. Dr. Diler Öner & Zeynep KaragözLearning and Doing (Making) for a Healthy Society? (Panel with two lectures)

10dez15:0019:00The Traveler's Voice: Approaches and Reflections on Travel Literature

04dez19:0021:00Asst. Prof. Candan TürkkanThe Politics of Life and Death at Istanbul's Food Banks

November 2019

25nov19:00Ömer Tuğrul İnançerİstanbul’da Tasavvuf

23nov10:0018:00Symposium: Decorated Papers in Early Modern Islamic Manuscript Cultures

13nov19:00Asst. Prof. Dr. Emmanouil GiannopoulosByzantine music: a traditional music expression with modern aspects.

06nov18:00Conference The Interrelationship between Secularity and Human Rights

Oktober 2019

16okt19:00András RiedlmayerA European Islam in the Balkans: History, 'Ethnic Cleansing', and the Search for Justice

09okt19:0021:00Prof. Amanda PhillipsAn Ottoman Tiraz? Sultan Bayezid’s Silk at Studenica Monastery, Serbia

September 2019

18sep19:00Dr. Stefan KnostObserving Change in the Eastern Ottoman Empire: The Travel Diaries of the German Botanist Carl Haussknecht (1865–67)

18sep(sep 18)08:4520(sep 20)00:008. Rechtsvergleichendes deutsch-türkisches Expertensymposium und Studierendenseminar

06sep(sep 6)00:0008(sep 8)00:00Fighting Under the Same Banner: Memories from the Ottoman Theater of the Great War

Juni 2019

12Juni19:0021:00Dr. Oya Kasap OrtaklanSinema Gözüyle Osmanlı-Alman İlişkileri (1914–1918)

Mai 2019

29mai19:0021:00Dr. Oliver SteinAlltagserfahrung Deutscher soldaten im Osmanischen Reich, 1914-1918

15mai19:0021:00Prof. Dr. Maurus ReinkowskiA New Middle East. On the Real Crisis of an Epistemic System

10mai14:0019:00Public Workshop: Staging The Past in Contemporary Turkey

April 2019

17apr19:0021:00Dr. Denis HermannThe Political Imaginary of the Iranian Constitutional Movement (1906-1911): The Ottoman Empire in the Eyes of the Iranian Ulema

10apr19:0021:00Dr. Serhan AfacanErken Cumhuriyet Döneminde Türkiye’nin Tahran Büyükelçileri

März 2019

27März19:0021:00Mira Xenia SchwerdaSparking a Revolution: Visual Propaganda, the Mass Protests against the Belgian Joseph Naus, and the Beginnings of the Iranian Constitutional Revolution

11März18:0021:00Die Kontrolle sozialer Medien aus verfassungsrechtlicher Sicht

Februar 2019

27feb19:0021:00Prof. Dr. Cemil HasanlıSoğuk Savaşın İlk Yıllarında İran-Türkiye-Sovyetler Birliği Üçgeninde Azerbaycan Meselesi

20feb19:0021:00Prof. Ferenc P. CsirkésLanguage Unites and Divides: Persian and Turkish in the Ottoman Empire and Safavid Iran in the Early Modern Era

13feb19:0021:00Prof. Dr. Ali GüzelyüzFars Dili ve Edebiyatı Eğitim ve Çalışmalarının Türkiye’deki Durumu

januar 2019

23jan19:0021:00Dr. İpek Hüner CoraWhere to hide your lover? Use of Private Space in Early Modern Ottoman Prose Fiction

Dezember 2018

19dez19:0021:00Asst. Prof. Nefin DinçBir Avusturya-Macaristan Askerinin Anılarında İşgal İstanbul’undan Manzaralar

05dez19:0021:00Prof. Kent SchullRefugees and Mass Migration to Istanbul in the Wake of World War I

November 2018

28nov19:0021:00Prof. Zafer Toprak1918: The Concept of the “New Life”and “Emancipated” Women in Turkey

21nov19:0021:00Dr. Ebru AkcasuSeeing without Looking: American Observers of late-Ottoman Istanbul

07nov19:0021:00Prof. Önder Ergönül, MD, MPH.The Spanish Flu of 1918 and the Ottoman Empire

Oktober 2018

31okt19:0021:00Prof. Jay WinterThe Second Great War

26okt(okt 26)00:0027(okt 27)00:00Workshop: Missionaries as Experts

25okt17:0020:00Protestants in Istanbul

24okt19:0021:00Prof. Serdar ÖztürkOttoman Cinema from 1917-1919

10okt19:0021:00Prof. Şevket PamukThe Ottoman Economy in 1918

10okt(okt 10)00:0005dez(dez 5)00:001918 Calamity and Aspiration in the Ottoman Empire

September 2018

08sep13:00New Research on Ottoman-Era ManuscrIpt LIbrarIes

06sep19:00KrIstIne Rose-Beers ACRBooks, Tea and Baklava: Conserving Turkish Manuscripts in Ireland and Istanbul

August 2018

13aug(aug 13)00:0015(aug 15)23:5013.08. – 15.08.2018, Kultur- und Vortragsprogramm, Worms

Juni 2018

21Juni19:00Dr. Valeska HuberChannels of Communication: Connections and their Limits in the Suez Canal Region 1869-1914

06Juni19:00Asst. Prof. Dr. Hasan Ali KhanThe Qalandariyya Sufi Order of Sehwan (Pakistan) Introduction, Film Screening, and Discussion

Mai 2018

23mai19:00Doç. Dr. Mustafa Erdem KabadayıNew Approaches in Ottoman Studies: Understanding Historical Transport Infrastructure By Using GIS Applications

17mai19:00Asst. Prof. Dr. Luca OrlandiSearching for an ‘Ottoman landscape’: Architect Sinan’s works in Thrace as an expression of tangible history

März 2018

21März19:00Dr. Dimitri KastritsisThe Early Ottomans and the Past. The 'Oxford Anonymous Chronicle' (Bodleian Library, Marsh 313) in Historical Context

14März19:00Dr. Richard Wittmann & Ruben GalléIstanbul in times of war: The startling 1918 memoirs of the German private Georg Steinbach

01März19:00Prof. Dr. Thomas JacobsenOn the Aesthetics of Manuscripts. A Psychologist’s View

Februar 2018

26feb(feb 26)10:0002März(März 2)17:00Winter Academy IIManuscript Cultures in Past and Present: Media Change and Cultural Transfer

14feb19:00PD DR. Robert LangerThe Aesthetics of Contemporary Alevi Religious Practice: Rites, Rituals, Ceremonies

07feb19:00Dr. Zaur GasimovBetween the Worlds: The Life and Work of Prof. Dr. Ahmet Caferoğlu (1899–1975)

januar 2018

17jan19:00Janina Karolewski, MABeautiful Objects or Ordinary Books? On Manuscripts by Alevi Scribes

10jan19:00PD Dr. Martin GreveTu Temburî Ez Perde Me - Religious Music in and from Dersim/Tunceli

Dezember 2017

20dez19:00Dr. Ulaş ÖzdemirHayal Demi: Alevi Topluluklarında Müziğin Boyutları

06dez19:00Sinibaldo De RosaMovement and Adaptation of the Alevi Semah for the Stage: from ‘Kardeşlik Töreni-Samah’ to ‘Biz’

November 2017

29nov19:00YRD. DOÇ. DR. MERYEM MÜZEYYEN FINDIKGİLDer Einfluß deutscher Architekten auf die Baugeschichte Istanbuls im 19. Jahrhundert