What does the grand piano in the corner mean? Classical music in Turkish TV series

22 MAY 2020 | Author: Nevin Şahin

In an elegant fine-dine restaurant, Zeynep Yılmaz (Sevda Erginci) and Alihan Taşdemir (Onur Tuna) are diving into a small talk on their idiosyncratic differences. Alihan, the owner of a big aviation company, is an NYU graduate and the son of a rich family whose sister was once married to the director of the biggest conglomerate, “the King” Halit Argun (Talat Bulut). Alihan tells how much he enjoys being among crowds while Zeynep, an executive assistant who happened to start working for Alihan when he bought the company she was working at, living in a rented apartment with her sister in a rather poor neighborhood of housewives in Cihangir, talks about her way of relaxing alone at home.