Since the spring of 2015, the online publication series “Memoria. Fontes minores ad Historiam Imperii Ottomanici pertinentes” has actively published smaller sources that have not received scholarly attention due to their less common language or because of private ownership. The series is hosted by the Max Weber Stiftung at

Klara Volarić (ed.):

The Istanbul Letters of Alka Nestoroff (Memoria 1),

Max Weber Stiftung: Bonn 2015.

Paulina D. Dominik (ed.)

The Istanbul Memories in Salomea Pilsztynowa’s Diary

»Echo of the Journey and Adventures of My Life« (1760) (Memoria 2),

With an introduction by Stanisław Roszak

Max Weber Stiftung: Bonn 2017.

Ruben Gallé (ed.)

Strolling Through Istanbul in 1918:

The War Memories of the German Private Georg Steinbach  (Memoria 3),

Max Weber Stiftung: Bonn 2017.