Dr. Ebru Akcasu

Mail: Ebru.Akcasu@ff.cuni.cz

Ebru Akcasu is an Ottomanist whose research focuses on identity formation, migration, nationalism, sociolinguistics, and literature in the late-nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. She received her PhD in Languages and Cultures of the Near and Middle East (SOAS, University of London) and is currently a faculty member at the Department of Near Eastern and African Studies at Charles University, Prague, where she teaches courses on Ottoman and Turkish literature, language, and history. Beginning in July 2018, Ebru is spending a six-month period at the Orient-Institute Istanbul as a visiting researcher. She is devoting her time at the Institute to projects that are both on-going and new. Among them are two translation-based collaborative works—one a political treatise and the other a social-civilizational one, both originally published in the early twentieth century. Besides these, while at the Orient Institute, Ebru will complete an article on the sociolinguistic features of Hamidian Istanbul. Finally, she will begin converting her PhD research into a monograph on migration and national identity in the late-Ottoman Empire.

Sociolinguistic features of Hamidian Istanbul

Foreigner in Istanbul in the late-Ottoman Empire

“Migrants to Citizens: An Evaluation of the Expansionist Features of Hamidian Ottomanism, 1876 – 1909.” Die Welt des Islams 56, 3/4 (2016): 388 – 414.

“Letters to the Author: Late-Ottoman Debates About Equality Between the Sexes, an Extract from Halil Hamid’s Müsavat-ı Tamme.” SOAS Journal of Postgraduate Research 9 (2015/16): 68 – 72.