Dörfer in Sasun heute


In the proposed study I will build on previous research and search for the various destinies of Armenians from Sasun, a region in South East Turkey. Before 1915 this region consisted of a mixture of Kurdish and Armenian villages. Only few Armenians remained living there after the 1915 events, often adopting the culture and language of the surrounding Kurds. Many people ended up living in other countries. What happened to Armenians from Sasun, and to their cultural expressions? How do they remember and express their Armenian identity in music and song, and how do they relate to their Armenian past and to other identities they feel connected with? The transnational character of the research in Istanbul, Beirut and London will shed light on the diverse experiences of people originating from the same region. What stories did they hear from their parents and grandparents about life in Sasun? These topics will be examined through music, enabling the researcher to connect with various aspects of identity formation in situations of conflict and exile.