About OII


The Orient-Institut Istanbul is an independent Turcological and area studies research institute of the Max Weber Foundation. Much of our work is conducted in cooperation with universities and independent academic institutions, both in Turkey and abroad. The institute also contributes to the scientific exchange between Germany and Turkey.

The Orient-Institut Istanbul is located in the neighbourhood of Cihangir, conveniently close to Taksim Square, one of the major cultural, entertainment and transport centres of the city. With Istanbul’s rich archives, manuscript libraries, museum and art collections, the institute offers unique opportunities for research on Islamic, Mediterranean and Turkish culture, society and history.

The Orient-Institut Istanbul is also home to an ever-growing research library open to the public. Its collection consists of approximately 42,000 volumes and 1,400 periodicals focusing on Ottoman as well as contemporary Turkish Studies. In addition to its comprehensive Turkish collection, the library is a valuable resource for often hard-to-find academic literature in German and other foreign languages. The Institute hosts public lectures, symposiums and scientific conferences on a regular basis.
Now a branch of the Max Weber Foundation, the Orient-Institut Istanbul was from 1989 to 2008 a subsidiary of the Orient-Institut Beirut, which was originally established in 1961 by the German Oriental Society, or the Deutsche Morgenländische Gesellschaft (DMG). Since January 1, 2009, the Orient-Institut Istanbul has been independent of the Orient-Institut Beirut.

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to the Orient-Institut Istanbul.